Ruami Harding (1793-1799)

Solomon E. Harding (Jan 31, 1794 - Feb 17, 1872)

Mordecai Rice Harding (Nov 18, 1795 in Washington County Kentucky and died Mar 21, 1870 in Pleasant Run, Kentucky).  He married Amy Harding, daughter of Thomas Harding and Sarah Payne.  (Dec 27, 1794, in Washington County, Kentucky.  Died 1860 in Pleasant Run, Kentucky).  Mordecai then married Jane Bentley June 25, 1845, in Nelson County, KN.

Welthy Harding was born Mar 15, 1797 ? Aug 19, 1886.  She married Hiram Wells.  (The Wells were great African-American civic leaders in Chicago.)

Ebenezer Slocum Harding (Aug 23, 1798 in Clifford, Susquehanna County Pennsylvania and died April 22, 1882 in Cleveland, Lesueur County, Missouri.  He married Mary Polly Webster June 21, 1821 in RICHLAND COUNTY, OHIO.

Benjamin Franklin Harding (August 6, 1802 - April 3, 1838)

Hulda Harding (1804 - 1806)

Hilah Harding (April 10, 1805 - Sept 13, 1877).  Married Amos Gillette Webster

John Harding (July 11, 1807 - April 22, 1884 - Died in Pennsylvania) - Married Sally Bowman

Chauncey C. Harding (Jan 14, 1809 - Dec 8, 1880)

Jemima Harding (1810 - 1813)

Joseph Harding (1811 - 1813)

Mahala Harding (June 25, 1813 in Clifford, Pennsylvania - Feb 26, 1904).  She married Richard Field Oct 19, 1834.

Amos Harding III

6th Generation
Amos is listed as a West Indian was born in Otisville, NY.  His father was John Harding and his mother was Rhoda King.  Amos married Hulda Harding and founded the village of Clifford, Susquehanna County Pennsylvania.

George Tryon Harding I (1791-1860)

7th Generation
George Tryon Harding I (1791 - 1860), moved to Luzerne County where he later took his family.  His father was Amos III.  His first wife was Anna Roberts and his second wife's name was Elizabeth.  (Brother to John Harding)

Charles A. Harding born in 1820

8th Generation
Born in Morrow County, Ohio.  His wife was Mary Ann Crawford. (Nephew to Author's Uncle John Harding)

Dr. George Tryon Harding II

9th Generation
 Born in 1843 and Warren's father.  Warren had seven (7) brothers and sisters:  Charity, Mary Clarissa, Eleanor Persilla, Charles Alexsander, Abigail Victoria, Georye Tyron and Phoebe Caroline.

John Harding

9th Generation
 John Harding was married twice.  (Uncle to Charles Harding) - Children by the first marriage were:  Harson and Annie.  His second marriage was to Malina Lett, the daughter of Charles and Kettora Lett.  Their children were:  Solomon and Mary, also listed were Charles, Lucinda and Hess Lett.  Solomon was born in 1840 and spent his early life in Maryland.  He later moved to Hocking County, Ohio. 

Connection takes place in 9th Generation
George Tyron Harding - John's Brother  

George had a son named Charles was Warren G's Grandfather.  Charles also had a son that he named George Tyron Harding and that was Warren G's Father.  Charles married Mary Ann Crawford.  John Harding was an uncle to Charles Harding.